Basic example

This demo shows a basic search example built with a simple search.js configuration. Note that there are no design customisations applied -- it's a default theme with default HTML templates and default colors.

Try resizing the window to a mobile viewport to see how the UI looks like on mobile.

function LBInitSearch() {
    TrackerId: '179075-204259',
    Locale: 'en',
    Theme: 'boo',
    Size: 20,
    Facets: ['brand', 'category', 'price_amount'],
    DefaultFilters: {
       type: 'product'
    QuicksearchTypes: ['category', 'brand'],
    UrlParamName: {
      QUERY: 'q',
  }, '#q', '#search-ui')

<script src="" async onload="LBInitSearch()"></script>
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