Small business

In our experience we find that small businesses:

  • do not have internal IT teams and rely on agencies which bill them an hourly rate for development, therefore they try to avoid technical tasks if necessary
  • prefer an integration that can be executed by a 3rd party

To accomodate for these needs, this guideline recommends:

  • Using GA4 to read the ecommerce related events and send them to Luigi's Box feedback loop.
  • Using feeds to index the data to minimize development work
  • Letting Luigi's Box team execute the integration

Feedback loop

  1. Include the LBX script, which will read GA4 dataLayer events automatically
  2. Settle on the object identity

Index catalog data

  1. Understand ranking and the ways to affect it using data
  2. Understand variants and decide if you want to use them
  3. Create the data feed for every searchable type

Integrate services

  1. Deliver the requirements
  2. Let Luigi's Box team integrate the service

Depending on your business requirements, your business specifics or your technology limitations, you may need to deliver additional deliverables. Take the questionnaire below to get a personalized list of requirements.


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