B2B business

In our experience we find that B2B businesses:

  • value realtime data updates, that's why we recommend using API instead of the feeds
  • have very dynamic and complex pricing rules where the prices are often impossible to index
  • prefer a quick, streamlined and robust integration

To accomodate for these needs, this guideline recommends:

  • Using GA4 to read the ecommerce related events and send them to Luigi's Box feedback loop.
  • Using API to index the data to maintain realtime updates.
  • Integrate using Luigi's Box web frontend libraries for easy integration
  • Using the Pricing API to load per-customer prices in real-time.

Feedback loop

  1. Include the LBX script, which will read GA4 dataLayer events automatically
  2. Settle on the object identity

Index catalog data

  1. Understand the data you will need to push into Luigi's Box
  2. Understand ranking and the ways to affect it using data
  3. Understand variants and decide if you want to use them
  4. Start pushing data via API
    orPrepare data feeds

Integrate autocomplete

  1. Integrate autocomplete using Luigi's Box autocomplete.js library

Integrate search

  1. Integrate search using Luigi's Box search.js library

Integrate recommender

  1. For best recommendations, provide an import file for the recommender
  2. Settle on the models and requirements for recommendations
  3. Integrate recommendations using Luig's Box recco.js library

Handle dynamic pricing

  1. Implement and integrate the Pricing API
    orUse pricing levels for less complex scenarios