Product listing API

Use the Search API to integrate product listing, but avoid setting the query parameter (q). Refer to the search API documentation for usage details.

Product listing


Required parameters

f[] Filters to apply to fetch the listing products. This will typically be the category, or preferably the special category_path attribute described below.
tracker_id Identifier of your site within Luigi's Box. You can see this identifier in every URL in the Luigi's Box app once you are logged-in.
plp Name of the filter (out of f[] supplied filters) which serves as unique identifier of the category. This is used to retrieve and apply any customizations (facets, pins) made for that category.

Best practices

Filtering within full category hierarchy

When dealing with hierarchical categories, filtering by standalone category names might not be enough and you need to filter by whole paths in the hierarchy. You can use a special filter category_path designed for this purpose, while separating individual steps (categories in the hierarchy) by a double pipe ||, e.g., f[]=category_path:Women||Footwear||Sandals. As with other filters, you can use multiple category_path filters together to create OR (by repeating the f[]=...) or AND (using f_must[]) combinations.

Please note, that category_path filter is applied to main category path only (usually the first category path of a product). If you need to filter by any category path of a product, use all_categories_path instead of category_path.

Important: as with all other filters, we require the product value to perfectly match the filter value, including letter case.


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