Indexing data

To use Luigi's Box product discovery APIs, you need to synchronize your product catalog with our service.

Once we have your catalog, we continuosly and automatically match the products from the catalog with our analytics data and adjust their ranking.

Luigi's Box supports two ways of catalog synchronization:

  1. The preferred way of synchronization is via the Content Updates API. Content updates enable near real-time synchronization of your database and make your search results accurate and up-to-date.

  2. Synchronization via XML, CSV or JSON feeds. We can setup regular processing of your feed and use the feed data to build the search index. However, be aware that even though we can process the feed several times a day, there will be periods of time where your search index is stale. For example, we process your feed at 8:00, and then, at 8:32 some of your products go out of stock. Your search index will be stale for several minutes until we process your feed again. If you want to avoid stale search index, you need to implement the Content Updates API.

Data layout

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Content Updates API

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Exports API

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Before you start indexing data or preparing the feeds, settle on the object identity. Read the Identity guide below for more information.


Object identity and the feedback loop

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