Integration by the Luigi's Box team

All of the Luigi's Box services can also be integrated by the Luigi's Box team, via the LBX script. This option is usually suitable for customers without development teams, or for customers who can benefit from the expertise of Luigi's Box for faster delivery and go-live.

By offloading the integration to Luigi's Box team, you are effectively introducing a new development agency into your company. Every change in the service integration will have to be incorporated by the Luigi's Box support and integration teams and billed using the contracted hourly rate. In some cases it's possible that the change will have to be implemented by your development agency and by Luigi's Box at the same time, increasing your costs.

If you opt in to the integration by Luigi's Box team, expect a slight impact on your Lighthouse score. All of the integrated services will be packaged into the LBX script which the browser has to download, parse and execute. The LBX script will contain the necessary frontend libraries, HTML templates and CSS styles.

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