The Autocomplete shows customers relevant real-time results from the first keystroke. For a live demo, see the examples for the Autocomplete.js


Autocomplete is optimized for speed (latency) at the cost of some more advanced features, namely:

  • The underlying technology will only fetch the top-k hits, it will not scan the full index and is thus unable to provide hits count.
  • We are not applying some time-consuming real-time query analysis. In rare cases, autocomplete may show slightly different results than the Search.


To integrate autocomplete will all of the features that Luigi's Box provides, you should implement several APIs.

  1. The Trending queries API which lets you fetch most popular and relevant queries. You can then use these queries for placeholders in the searchbox, or to provide the typing suggestions in the autocomplete box, where the queries are being typed character by character.
  2. The Top items API which lets you fetch data for the recommender popup you can show to the users when they click into the searchbox without typing anything.
  3. The Autocomplete API itself which you will use to get results for the user queries.

We recommend that you use the Autocomplete.js JavaScript widget which integrates all of the APIs into a single configurable component, which also takes care about sending analytics events.

Autocomplete API

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Top Items API

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Trending queries

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