Medium-to-large business

In our experience we find that medium-to-large businesses:

  • value realtime data updates, that's why we recommend using API instead of the feeds
  • have internal development team and sufficient development capacity and prefer to keep the technical integration in-house
  • value robustness and flexibility of the integration
  • are very sensitive to any impact of 3rd party scripts on their frontent performance

To accomodate for these needs, this guideline recommends:

  • Using API to integrate analytics
  • Using API to index the data to maintain realtime updates
  • Using API to integrate autocomplete
  • Using API to integrate search
  • Using API to integrate recommender

Feedback loop

  1. Understand analytics and the basic concepts
  2. Settle on the object identity
  3. Integrate Analytics API to start feeding the data into Luigi's Box
    orUtilize your existing Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce events

Index catalog data

  1. Understand the data you will need to push into Luigi's Box
  2. Understand ranking and the ways to affect it using data
  3. Understand variants and decide if you want to use them
  4. Start pushing data via API
    orPrepare data feeds

Integrate autocomplete

  1. Integrate autocomplete via API
  2. Integrate recommendations into autocomplete using API

Integrate search

  1. Integrate search using API

Integrate recommender

  1. For best recommendations, provide an import file for the recommender
  2. Settle on the models and requirements for recommendations
  3. Integrate recommendations using API